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Moments of hope. A lifetime of change. We understand that the battle is bigger than a disease. That’s why, at the Families In Need Foundation, it is our mission to make the everyday lives of families touched by cancer a little bit brighter.

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Boston Children's Hospital

Offering help. Offering hope. Together.

Ranked as the #1 pediatric hospital in the United States, Boston Children's Hospital is one of the largest pediatric medical centers in the country. BCH offers a complete range of children's healthcare services for newborns through age 21. Approximately 25,000 patients are admitted to BCH each year and, through the more than 200 specialized clinical programs offered by the hospital, nearly 560,000 others visit for consultations, treatment and additional services.

To help families in need of financial assistance for meals, transportation, utility bills and other expenses while caring for a child with cancer, Boston Children's Hospital created a program called Extraordinary Needs Funds. It is through this program that the Families In Need Foundation contributes money and resources to support BCH, its patients and their families.

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The Families In Need Foundation's mission is to make the everyday lives of families touched by cancer a little bit brighter. Keep the lights on or buy groceries? No one should have to make that choice. Through our foundation, and with the help of Boston Children's Hospital, we provide families who have been financially impacted by the costs of cancer with the resources they need, allowing them to maintain care of their loved one and focus on their health and well-being.

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